Gregory Sams | The Conscious Sun in a Living Universe | HH#9

Gregory’s second book, Sun of gOd, Discover the Self-Organizing Principle that Underlies Everything, brings our local star out of the closet into which the Church locked it long ago. In it, he shows how cosmological discovery fits more comfortably with the novel notion of living stars than it does with accidental balls of gas governed only by the laws of physics. This “novel” idea was once the hard-wired human response to that which delivers us the light of life. Is this unchallenged taboo the vital missing piece in the cosmic jigsaw puzzle?

The author believes that recognizing the nature of stars is as important to our scientific and spiritual understanding as was recognizing the connection between what we eat and what we are.
Once we have seen it, it appears equally obvious.

Interview in collaboration with Kakuichi Institute

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Sun of gOd

Discover the Self-Organizing Consciousness That Underlies Everything