Dr Andy Letcher | Bardism, Druidry, Music, Magic, and Madness | HH#10

Is there a way out of this mess we find ourselves in as a species? In this episode of HancockHour, Dr. Andy Letcher joins us to discuss the power and purpose of music, bardism, druidry, and psychedelics, and how each of them might help us find our way towards a healthier society.

Dr. Andy Letcher is a senior lecturer at Schumacher College, and author of ‘Shroom, A Cultural History of the Magic Mushroom‘.

In this interview Andy discusses:
* 1:48 Schumacher College and the alternative approach to education it offers
* 4:34 The challenges of being a musician in the modern age
* 7:50 The importance of music, and how it affects health
* 11:30 The meaning of Bardism
* 20:30 How Bardism relates to Druidry
* 22:13 What Druidry is and its role in the modern age (24:04)
* 30:44 A druidic technique to get reconnected to self and spirit through the art of paying attention
* 38:48 To where and how we might be better served by shifting our attention
* 42:17 The role of psychedelics in saving humanity, and who should take them (50:36)
* 57:40 The failure of organised religion to provide *meaning* in the modern age
* 58:10 The new religion of capitalism, and how we might transcend the demands of living in a capitalist society and become a more reverent person

Interview in collaboration with Kakuichi Institute

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A Cultural History of the Magic Mushroom