Entertaining Ideas with the HancockHour Podcast

The Hancock Hour Podcast features interviews with key thinkers who share their wisdom to help us find our way towards a healthier and more sustainable society.

Who we interview

Here you will find interviews with visionaries and revolutionary thinkers covering topics such as alternative history, spirituality, psychedelics, radical politics, alternative education and sciences, who share ideas on how to transcend the system of madness we live in.

Why we interview

In this urgent moment we must upend our tired ways of looking at the world and build a new vision for the future that can transform us from a band of suicidal shaved-apes into the gardener-caretakers of Planet Earth. HancockHour aims to provide pieces of that puzzle.

Latest Episode

HH#19 Hugh NewmanMegaliths, Mysteries & Giants

Hugh Newman joins us to talk about his compelling research that points to a buried and forgotten chapter in human history that was filled with giants. Hugh Newman is a world explorer, megalithomaniac and author. He has been a regular guest on History Channel’s Ancient Aliens and Search for the Lost Giants. He is a video producer… See Episode »

HancockHour Episodes

Hugh NewmanMegaliths, Mysteries & Giants
Peter Knight & Sue WallaceSensing the Earth & Subtle Energies
Dr. Jane GoodallChildrearing, Chimpanzees, and Conservation (KAS)
Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-RossDeath, Dying, & Living Right (KAS)